Our idea is simple. GBR Legacy will channel corporate and philanthropic tax-deductible donations and sponsorship as well as community based crowd funding to create an innovative research institute with a fully crewed state of- the-art research vessel. The social enterprise will be a commercially viable operation that has a significant impact on the long term sustainability of the planet. This vessel will be used to achieve the short and long-term goals of GBR Legacy by following a two-stage approach.

GBR Legacy Vessel Concept


Armed with the latest technology and scientific equipment onboard our research vessel, GBR Legacy will be launched to undertake the Great Barrier Reef’s largest, most diverse and comprehensive scientific expedition entitled “A Year on the Reef”. This expedition will attract the world’s leading marine scientists and innovators as well as capture the world’s attention as we address the most pressing issues facing coral reefs. To ignite global support, a call for submissions will be made and the GBR Legacy research committee will select successful applicants.

Fully funded berth spaces will be offered to world’s leading researchers, educators and communicators to enable them to join us and work collaboratively in the first concerted global effort to ensure the long term survival of the reef. At the conclusion of the ‘Year on the Reef’ expedition, participants will come together in a series of public and online symposiums to share our findings, stories, images, inspirations and future plans with the world. This will increase public support for research & evidence based decisions for the Great Barrier Reef’s future.


Stage Two will see GBR Legacy evolve to become a self-sustaining and ongoing research, education and multi-media institution. This will be achieved by opening expedition berths to the public to introduce a citizen science and tourism component. By utilising tourism revenue to further support our conservation goals we will be able to foster a new generation of supporters and continue to educate the global community on the development of a comprehensive reef management strategy.