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Great Barrier Reef Legacy (GBR Legacy) is a social enterprise created to specifically address the urgent need to ensure the long-term preservation of the Great Barrier Reef. Armed with a state of the art long range research vessel, we will provide essential access and support for coral reef research, education and multimedia programs.

Our mission is to redefine the way that research, education, communication and conservation projects can be funded to solve environmental problems of the highest significance. GBR Legacy is of global significance and will directly benefit the long-term survival of coral reefs and their associated communities worldwide.

Our project is of a scale and vision that is beyond the capacity of an ever-changing lobby-based government. For this reason, the GBR Legacy will become a game changing influence today and for decades into the future.

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The Great Barrier Reef needs the most advanced and forward thinking scientists and innovators to address critical issues that face our reef through an integrated multi-disciplinary approach. To do this they need access. Due to drastic funding cuts and a lack of research support vessels, access to the reef is limited. GBR Legacy’s innovative funding model of harnessing tourism, private investors and sponsorships will create more responsive, proactive and independent research with tangible outcomes.

GBR Legacy’s research vessel will give scientists the necessary platform and crew to conduct their studies for extended periods at sea along the entire length of the Great Barrier Reef. Our ship will be a long-range floating laboratory fitted out to meet the needs of a diverse range of research techniques and applications. This access opportunity will compliment all existing research institutions’ efforts, and allow vital research that otherwise would not have been possible.


Tomorrow’s scientists and innovators must be nurtured so they can become our reef guardians. GBR Legacy will educate today’s students and citizen scientists from around the world and empower them to become stewards and ambassadors for coral reefs.

This will be achieved by allowing students to work directly in the field with GBR Legacy innovators on board our research vessel, as well as having the opportunity to undertake their own research projects. For this purpose, 160+ berth spaces per year will be allocated to successful Australian and International student applicants.

To compliment this hands-on approach to education and leadership, interactive and realtime online programs will be run globally from the vessel. Scholarships and internships will be awarded for specific onboard positions and school visits will be undertaken along the length of the Great Barrier Reef coastline. Empowered students will be the catalyst for immediate community connection, engagement and action.

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Research, innovation and education needs a voice to harness global support and action for reef health issues. Through a specifically designed program the GBR Legacy team will channel its years of experience and expertise to become a floating multimedia powerhouse that will create diverse and abundant outputs to capture the imagination of millions and inspire them to care and take action.

This will include online videos and a blue chip documentary series, regular photos, posts, videos, blogs, interactive online classrooms, podcasts, realtime video feeds, downloadable content, scientific journal publications, popular press articles, free public symposiums and much more.



We are a team of scientists, business managers, media personalities and adventurers who are determined to save our Great Barrier Reef. We combine significant learnings from over three decades of life on the reef with contemporary multimedia knowledge and international connections to create an influential institute who are going to make a difference and save the Great Barrier Reef

Our model has been pioneered by our team through Undersea Explorer, Eye to Eye Marine Encounters and Reef Magic Cruises, three successful companies that supported and funded Great Barrier Reef research projects by creating high quality ecotourism and citizen science experiences.