John Rumney Managing Director

John Rumney has a passion that is palpable and contagious. He has been the Great Barrier Reef ’s primary ecotourism pioneer, captain and reef expert for more then 35 years. He is a visionary who created and directed the highly respected Undersea Explorer and Eye to Eye Marine Encounters research and tourism operations. These endeavours have supported hundreds of scientific studies, students and international documentaries, as well as raising the standards in terms of wildlife tourism and adventure diving. Having won numerous awards for his excellence in environmental conservation, sitting on countless boards and committees that have paved the way for reef conservation and preservation and being a key spokesperson in many documentaries about the Great Barrier Reef, John Rumney is to the Great Barrier Reef what Sir David Attenborough is to wildlife films. He is highly respected in Australia and has devoted his life and resources to ensuring the Great Barrier Reef remains the worlds greatest coral reef system for generations to come.

Director Science & Media Dr Dean Miller

Dr Dean Miller is a scientist, multi-media professional, BBC television presenter and an Australian Geographic sponsored explorer. With a PhD in coral reef management and resource allocation and a wealth of scientific experience in the field from Antarctica to the Arctic and everywhere in between, Dean’s scientific research career has been rich and diverse. Having been involved in over 300 ocean expeditions on ships all over the globe, much of Dean’s life has been at sea in some of the most challenging environments known. In addition, Dean has worked tirelessly to position himself at the very top of the multimedia production field. A self taught and accomplished filmmaker, he has shot, produced and presented more then 50 documentaries all over the planet for the every major broadcaster including the BBC, ABC, National Geographic, Disney Nature, Foxtel, Red Bull TV and the Discovery Channel. Dean’s work has been narrated by the legendary Sir David Attenborough on many occasions and has been acclaimed for its breathtaking and stunning natural history and cinematic qualities. Dean has also worked with John Rumney on the Undersea Explorer and Eye To Eye Marine Encounters as the marine science coordinator, researcher, dive instructor and cameraman for the past 15 years, and together they have broke new and exciting ground in the fields of ecotourism, research filmmaking and education. With his diverse background and skill set, unlimited energy and drive, Dean is ready to take GBR research, conservation and communication well into the future with GBR Legacy.

Dr Peter Wood Senior Advisor

Dr Peter Wood is an expert in marine tourism, Global Information Systems (GIS) and citizen science operations on coral reefs. Working at James Cook University, Peter has a PhD in Marine Research Tourism, a Masters in Tourism, a Graduate Certificate of Research Commercialisation, and a Graduate Certificate in Tropical Wildlife Management. Peter was a driving force in establishing the GBR Legacy as a non profit organisation and securing Deductible Gift Recipient status with the Australian Tax Office. His relentless work and dedication behind the scenes to ensure GBR Legacy becomes the most renowned and respected research, education and communication organisation synonymous with the Great Barrier Reef is truly inspiring.

Operations Manager Dr Jimmy White

Dr Jimmy White has been coordinating education and research teams for national universities, international non-government organization’s and documentary units for more than 10 years. Jimmy’s expertise lies in the coordination and implementation of innovative projects around the world.

As a marine biologist, Jimmy has dedicated his life to understanding and conserving the marine environment. Jimmy’s doctoral research examined the use of marine protected areas to conserving sharks and rays in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area for which he was recognized as a future leader of research and awarded the Smart State Fellowship. In a world first, Jimmy recently tagged whales with satellite transmitters while swimming with them, which was featured in the latest Sir David Attenborough series. Jimmy has been on expeditions to track tigers in the Sumatran jungle, anthrax on the Etosha plain, lived with seals in the Southern Ocean, uncover desert vipers in the Middle East, and has been a station and expedition leader. He has also worked with John Rumney for the last 14 years on the Undersea Explorer and Eye To Eye Marina Encounters, and as GBR Legacy’s Operations Manager, all logistics are in very safe hands.

Jimmy’s work with award-winning documentary teams from the BBC, Discovery Channel, and National Geographic have put him up close and personal with some of the world’s most dangerous creatures—if it bites, stings, crawls, or swims Jimmy has been at its pointy end.

jennaJenna Rumney is an experienced marine biologist with a passion for sharing the wonders of the underwater world. Her focus is on educating and inspiring youth about environmental issues using social media, community presentations and educational web videos. She has a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and is an experienced project coordinator having worked on numerous remote research expeditions and natural history shoots (e.g. BBC’s Great Barrier Reef series, Walt Disney’s feature film Oceans, Discovery Channel’s Mysteries of the Shark Coast ). Jenna’s business acumen has led her to becoming the owner/operator of two successful ecotourism ventures and the youngest member of the Great Barrier Reef Marathon Board of Directors, an international sporting event that raises funds for James Cook University marine research projects.

Lloyd GodsonLloyd Godson also known as the “Aquanaut”, is a scientist, engineer, educator, and Australian Geographic Adventurer of the Year. Lloyd holds a Guinness World Record for most human generated power underwater, has spent 624 hours living in submarine habitats that he designed and built and is always looking at new ways to push the limits in terms of marine conservation and education to inspire the next generation to care for our oceans. His unique set of skills and unbridled energy is exactly what students thrive on. Lloyd has worked all over the world in innovative marine education programs, which is why he will head up the GBR Legacy Education arm.

Tim NorthTim North has been a leader in reef tourism, commercial diving and recreational diving operations on the Great Barrier Reef for the last 30 years. Owning and directing the very successful Reef Magic, a $10 million fleet of over 12 vessels that takes more the 500,000 visitors to the reef every year, as well as being a ships master, commercial diver and marine engineer, Tim has more experience in marine vessel operations, human resources and logistics then most. Tim North knows that a healthy Great Barrier Reef means a healthy tourism industry that in turn supports far north communities. His dedication and passion for Great Barrier Reef protection and conservation is unmatched among tourism operators.

justinProfessor Justin Marshall is a marine scientist at the University of Queensland with countless international awards for excellence in research and innovation, over 200 peer reviewed publications and a sheer dedication to applying his scientific rigor to better understand coral reef ecosystems. Justin is perfectly placed to coordinate the GBR Legacy scientific programs and has developed techniques and methodologies to rapidly assess coral reef health. Professor Marshall is also involved in international collaborative efforts to explore and document the deep abyssal areas of coral reefs. Justin brings a level of experience, education and enthusiasm to GBR Legacy that ensures all scientific endeavours will be of the highest possible calibre.